About O&R

Our History: Opal and Rain, named after my daughter Rainey, began as an idea I had in mind for a business, but never quite knew what it would be. I’m an early bird and greatly enjoy waking up before the sun rises to enjoy my cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of my home. One morning, I came across some polymer clay I had laying around (that was probably a good 2+ years old!) and started playing around and experimenting with it. Not knowing if it was any good still, I made a pair of heart shaped earrings for Valentine’s Day and listed them in my other online shop during an update I had in January of 2022. I honestly thought no one would even buy them, but I was completely blown away by the response when they sold out within minutes of listing them. I had so much fun making those little hearts, that I continued to educate myself and practice my clay earring making skills. My customers continuously asked if I would be making more earrings and at the time, I had no idea because I was still learning the craft. After realizing I had “nothing to lose”, I decided to take the leap and start a second business. Without any hesitation, I knew it was going to be named: Opal & Rain. All the pieces fell into place, and I fully launched Opal & Rain in March of 2022... the rest is history!

With all that said; thank you so much for being here and browsing my online store. Your support of my small business means the absolute world.